About Me

Hi there, I’m Chloé, the creator of DisabilityMe!

imgp6245A Welshie at heart (I hale from North Wales) I now live in London, where I created DisabilityMe after my own personal experiences left me with the realisation that we still have a way to go to creating a world of equal opportunities for all and many questions of where we can go now.

I was born with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome: type 3, a hereditary disease causing chronic pain and frequent dislocations across the body.
Some years ago, I was also involved in an accident in which I fractured, compressed and herniated 3 of my spinal discs.

I lost my mother to heart disease in 2011 and my brother to depression in 2017.

This blog is important to me as it allows me to connect with like-minded groups and people who want to help lead the discussion on how we can help enable those affected by mental health, disability and chronic illness overcome the barriers which prevent them from leading wholesome, fulfilling lives.




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